An incentive trip, a board meeting, a get-together for international units – the goals that you set us for your corporate event are very diverse. The paths that we take towards these goals are equally varied, but they all have some things in common: excitement, entertainment, and comfort for all participants.


Grand or boutique hotel, elegant design, modern architecture, the perfect location – there are many factors to consider. Simply let us know the goal of your event and leave the rest to us.


Our partners’ array of options ranges from minimalist designs to awe-inspiring galleries and historical palaces. From technical infrastructure to catering, IMS is happy to support you.


IMS has amassed a fine selection of extraordinary activities in its 30+ years of business. An old dusty key turns in an iron lock, a heavy oak door opens with a creak onto a ... well, find out!


Thanks to the impressive density of cultural diversity in the heart of Europe, the possibilities are almost limitless. It is simply a matter of selecting the right options for your special event.